Saturday, March 9, 2013

Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum review

Finished watching KVJ.

Watched it in Youtube. దరిద్రం కొద్ది colour settings చాలా తేడా గా ఉన్నాయి video లో. Regretted not watching in the theater because of this.

ఒక్కటే negative, upfront చెప్పేస్తున్నా. It seemed to me like a vortex of ideas. Krish చాలా things cover చేద్దాం అనుకున్నాడు. Amount of philosophy లో difference కనిపించింది Vedam కీ, KVJ కీ. Definitely KVJ లో ఎక్కువ అయింది. ఇంత పెద్ద భోజనం పెటేస్తే ఒక్క sitting లో ఎలా తింటాం, ఎంత బాగున్నా కానీ?

Nayanatara కి role ఇవ్వడం నాకు నచ్చింది - she carried it very nicely. She needs to do more roles that are high on script quality. అన్ని characters కీ equal amount of development ఇచ్చారు. Fights were good. Rana personality superb గా ఉంది. Human emotion లో inconsistencies ని చాలా బాగా capture చేశారు. Unfortunately theater లో చూడలేకపోయా. తప్పకుండా theater లో ఎక్కువ enjoy చేసేవాడ్ని.

Length తో కొద్దిగా issue అనిపించింది. అంటే, Vedam అప్పుడే అయిపోయిందా అనిపించింది. This movie made me feel the opposite. I felt myself forwarding and reversing the movie incessantly. అందుకు screenplay కొంత కారణం. I don't have a problem with non-linear screenplays but this seemed a little forced - especially Chakravarthy character development, personal problem నాది అనుకునే POV నుంచి public problem తనది అయిపోయే POV కి hero mentality shift అవడం, కొంచం forced గా అనిపించాయి ఎందుకో. Idantha multiple ideas ని ఒకే movie లో cram చేశాడనే feeling వల్ల కావొచ్చు. కానీ ఒక్కొక్కటి గా చూస్తే ideas లో clarity ఉంది. అంతకు మించిన గీతాసారం, వసుధైవ కుటంబకం అనే powerful undercurrent ఉంది.

Ending left nothing to be desired. Excellently closed loops.

Dialogues గురించి ఏమని చెప్పాలి? నిజంగా శ్రీశ్రీ కవిత చదువుతున్న feeling ఒచ్చింది. కొన్ని చోట్ల కళ్లు చెమర్చాయి. Tribals తో, police station లో journalist wife, daughter తో scenes అద్భుతం. సిరివెన్నెల సేతి సిరానే సారా. ఎంత మత్తెక్కించిందో! లొట్టలేసుకుంటూ చూశాను, విన్నాను.

తప్పకుండా DVD కొనుక్కుని collection లో భద్రపరచుకుంటాను.

Rowthiram/Roudram Review

Rowthiram/Roudram Review

Jiiva deserves kudos. Script selection was par excellence. He needs guts to accept a movie like this and go against the grain. 
Most of the credit goes to the director. Most importantly, screenplay was excellent, except for the speed which varied a lot. If I have to nitpick, I can say cinematography was boring at some places. I liked that he used the entire 1st half for character development for each and every major character.  As usual నాకు కళ్ళల్లో "ఆనంద పరవశమప్పా!"
 Dialogues need special mention - asalu rowdy gang lo konnallu undi research chesademo annantha bagunnai. Tamil dialogues were very well written and send chills up your spine sometimes. Telugu dubbing as usual has a few mishaps here and there and leaves something to be desired. Fights were mind blowing. Peter Hein effects lekunda Rajamouli emotion teeskochesadu.

Tamil/telugu audiences ki saripoyinattu two possible endings unnai. Kani story weaving entha bagundi ante, almost ending lo two climaxes ochina feeling ochindi. If I hadn't found the alternate ending video on YT, I wouldn't have guessed.

After many days, an action movie that I truly liked and place almost on the level of The Usual Suspects /The Departed. Adi kooda after continuously watching movie after movie - brain numb aipoyaka ichina review idi. Certainly would have given a standing ovation for the sheer brainpower behind the screenplay although I felt that it was a pure ripoff from Ratchagan/Rakshakudu in the first 40 minutes.

Idi ra screenplay ante, idi ra direction ante, idi ra action ante - ani kontha mandi telugu directors ni Dookudu scene lo substitute cheyyali anipinchindi

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Golconda High School Review

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Pramod Vadlamani~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Movie: GHS

Watched in: comp

Watched with: <>

Mood before watching: Desperate to watch a telugu movie and saw a fes scenes of this movie in so wanted to watch swathi too. :D

Print is a net rip DVD quality excellent.

Review: Arrogant captain. lazy players. one rebel amongst the group. hate the coach in the beginning. start loving him later. 2 songs one while practising one while winning matches till final. win the cup finally. if i tell these lines to anyone they will shout out loud "chak de india" and correct me saying its winning matches till semis. So looks like thats the only change he made. Very very predictable screenplay.

swati same dialogs - her emotions = ghs dialogs. all she did was say her dialogs without jumping. asal love track was never strong. Just kept to increase screen time by 15 mins. had they been school friends or something it would have been more convincing probably.

Sumanth didn't need to try hard. it was a very natural role and there were no extremely emotional scenes or dialogs all he needed to do was say dialogs with mild emotions and he executed that perfectly.

shafi's charecter wasn't strongly established.subbaraju as usual was very good. i liked his dialogs mainly.

Pillalu pichekkincharu. They were good.

Story was based on a novel. screen play based on movies. so not sure what the director did. SO giving it back to him "Everyone will be ready to copy one even wants to think of originality."

High time we need to change the formula for sport oriented films. If they say this movie is good, sye was blockbuster. It has very less formula elements and yet rajamouli did it. That is what a diro can do to a movie.

On the other hand, it was a good job handling the kids who were new and well done. I liked the movie but would not go and watch it for a second time.

Important questions : 1. Why should the other team always be bad guys?
2. why is some one in the team always bullied by a senior?
3. why should something demotivating happen just before the finals?
4. why should interval motivate everyone to win?
5. why should one of the guys get hurt and yet continue to play the game?
6. Why should the games always end in the last ball?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Pramod Vadlamani~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jaikish Nunna(review continued)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Watched in: LCD 19'' monitor, Bose speakers :D

Watched with: Roommates

Mood before watching: No expectations.(But had a strong doubt "How will it be different?")

Print: same as pramod

Accepted that there is not much innovation in direction. But the director wanted to show his talent in making a sport based motion pitcure. There is hardly any scene in which the cricket was shown artificial. Infact I was surprised to see a scene in which there was a single shot with no editing between a bowler bowling and batsman being bowled. The maker managed that we don't feel bored despite of the predictability. (Draw match was the only less expected scene for me).

Though the screenplay was predictable, it was well used for handling the unpredictable adolescent minds and psychologies.

Kalyani Malik gave decent background score. Unnecessary songs, neither musical nor visually required.

Every kid acted well. I am quite satisfied with Love part. Felt natural enough and Enough. I think Shafi is good only for 'routine ki bhinnam' characters. That Pokiri dude never changes his expressions. Business man aina, gunda aina okate style.

GHS has simple speeches where the listeners participate. The inspirational speeches are not like the ones in Sye and Chak de.(Like focus concentration and shit).

One notable mistake: Blurred scoreboard behind the players in scenes dint follow the sequence all the times.

Overall, I can't watch again, but glad that I watched it once!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jaikish Nunna~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Gaganam Review

An Ajay Yvs critique

Watched in: PVR (12.02.11)
Watched with: a couple of gults
Mood before watching: Squeezed out some time amidst assignments.. study mood
Expectations before watching: High - good thriller
A successful attempt at a storyline which was tried and tested at least a dozen times in different languages. There has been a good mix of humor and thrill, without deviating from the main plot. It took some time (~30min) for the director to hold the attention of the viewer and it was never let off thereafter.
The story script had honesty and novelty all over it and were successful in ably translating it on to the celluloid.

Plus points
i. No logical errors/over the board scenes
ii. Hilarious brahmi (couple of scenes)
iii. Pacy narration (thanks for cutting the length in telugu - tamil version has 10mins extra duration for obvious reasons)
iv. Appreciable production values (especially the interval scene)

i. Minor glitches (not worth mentioning)
ii. Characterization of prakash raj (the character should have been more matured)

To make a movie, having as cliched a theme as airplane hijack, a hit needs a person with some strong conviction and confidence, and Radhamohan for sure looks like one.
Nagarjuna should be appreciated for taking this role up and more so, for taking it up a time when he's searching for hits, and this movie's going to bring him some accolades in the future.

A successful and refreshing tolly 2011 is continuing.