Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gaganam Review

An Ajay Yvs critique

Watched in: PVR (12.02.11)
Watched with: a couple of gults
Mood before watching: Squeezed out some time amidst assignments.. study mood
Expectations before watching: High - good thriller
A successful attempt at a storyline which was tried and tested at least a dozen times in different languages. There has been a good mix of humor and thrill, without deviating from the main plot. It took some time (~30min) for the director to hold the attention of the viewer and it was never let off thereafter.
The story script had honesty and novelty all over it and were successful in ably translating it on to the celluloid.

Plus points
i. No logical errors/over the board scenes
ii. Hilarious brahmi (couple of scenes)
iii. Pacy narration (thanks for cutting the length in telugu - tamil version has 10mins extra duration for obvious reasons)
iv. Appreciable production values (especially the interval scene)

i. Minor glitches (not worth mentioning)
ii. Characterization of prakash raj (the character should have been more matured)

To make a movie, having as cliched a theme as airplane hijack, a hit needs a person with some strong conviction and confidence, and Radhamohan for sure looks like one.
Nagarjuna should be appreciated for taking this role up and more so, for taking it up a time when he's searching for hits, and this movie's going to bring him some accolades in the future.

A successful and refreshing tolly 2011 is continuing.

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