Saturday, March 9, 2013

Rowthiram/Roudram Review

Rowthiram/Roudram Review

Jiiva deserves kudos. Script selection was par excellence. He needs guts to accept a movie like this and go against the grain. 
Most of the credit goes to the director. Most importantly, screenplay was excellent, except for the speed which varied a lot. If I have to nitpick, I can say cinematography was boring at some places. I liked that he used the entire 1st half for character development for each and every major character.  As usual నాకు కళ్ళల్లో "ఆనంద పరవశమప్పా!"
 Dialogues need special mention - asalu rowdy gang lo konnallu undi research chesademo annantha bagunnai. Tamil dialogues were very well written and send chills up your spine sometimes. Telugu dubbing as usual has a few mishaps here and there and leaves something to be desired. Fights were mind blowing. Peter Hein effects lekunda Rajamouli emotion teeskochesadu.

Tamil/telugu audiences ki saripoyinattu two possible endings unnai. Kani story weaving entha bagundi ante, almost ending lo two climaxes ochina feeling ochindi. If I hadn't found the alternate ending video on YT, I wouldn't have guessed.

After many days, an action movie that I truly liked and place almost on the level of The Usual Suspects /The Departed. Adi kooda after continuously watching movie after movie - brain numb aipoyaka ichina review idi. Certainly would have given a standing ovation for the sheer brainpower behind the screenplay although I felt that it was a pure ripoff from Ratchagan/Rakshakudu in the first 40 minutes.

Idi ra screenplay ante, idi ra direction ante, idi ra action ante - ani kontha mandi telugu directors ni Dookudu scene lo substitute cheyyali anipinchindi

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